Legal Bistro is an online community where consumers with legal needs are able to quickly and easily find qualified lawyers who are seeking new clients. Our service is completely free for consumers. Lawyers bid for the placement of their profile (“Bid-for-Placement”) and are only charged the amount of their bid after the consumer requests a lawyer to contact them.

The name was chosen to bring together two very powerful meanings of the word Bistro. The Russian word bystro (быстро), which means "quickly" and the French word (sometimes spelled ) which means a small restaurant serving moderately priced meals, wines and coffees. Legal Bistro seeks to use the power of the Internet to quickly and easily present to consumers qualified lawyers all of whom have expressed an interest in their case. We believe that When Lawyers Compete for Your Business,

Legal Bistro has been designed to make consumers feel at ease throughout the entire process by protecting their anonymity. In much the same way that you would feel at ease drinking coffee and talking to your friends in a French Bistro, our objective is to eliminate as much of the stress and confusion as possible when you have a need for legal services. You will be able to review lawyers who have expressed an interest online in handling your case from the comfort of your home.

Our site does not look anything like a typical law firm website. We have chosen bright colors, icons, key words or “Tags”, animation and video to help guide you through the process of selecting the right lawyer for your case. Our approach is very similar to the methods used by Rosetta Stone to teach their clients a foreign language. After all, handling a complex legal problem can often feel as confusing to many consumers as learning to speak a foreign language.

While we may have designed our website for consumers, our paying customers are lawyers who are seeking new clients. Our goal for lawyers is to use the power of the Internet to find and convince consumers who may not have decided to hire a lawyer on their own to seek legal representation for their legal matter. Our value proposition for lawyers and law firms is to use the Legal Bistro online community to drive down the cost of acquiring a new client while at the same time providing all of the information that a lawyer needs to assess the case.

All lawyers who register on Legal Bistro will have credited to their Legal Bistro account simply for completing the registration process. Lawyers will be able to use these to bid for the placement of their profile and acquire new clients on the site. In other words, all registered lawyers on the site will have the opportunity to use the site until their have been exhausted. Lawyers who wish to continue using the site will be required to purchase additional .

We have provided several ways for lawyers to establish their online credibility on Legal Bistro. Recommendations can be easily obtained from other lawyers, business associates, clients, family and friends. According to a

Lawyers who enhance their profiles with articles and publications have nearly a three times greater chance of having their profile viewed by a consumer on the site. You will be able to upload a previously written article of publications or to write a posting for the Legal Bistro Blog. Professionally written articles on legal subjects are an excellent way of demonstrating your legal knowledge and skills to interested consumers on the site.

Our interest in developing an online marketplace for legal services dates back to 2004. At that time, the Company was known as Law Tree. Later in 2006, the name was changed to and today we have chosen to brand ourselves as Legal Bistro. Since our first beginnings in 2004, the online world has changed significantly with the proliferation of social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. As a result, we have designed our website to reflect those changes.

Our inspiration for the site comes from what Lending Tree accomplished in the market for loans, particularly home loans and mortgages. Lending Tree used the Internet to explain in simple terms the process for obtaining a loan and brought together banks, mortgage companies and other qualified lenders to compete in the delivery of these loans. We wish to express our admiration to Lending Tree for the Company’s very significant accomplishments in transforming the online lending market.

We believe that the market for legal services exhibits many of the same characteristics that were present for loans before Lending Tree helped to reshape the market and the way that consumers apply for loans. Legal Bistro is seeking to make legal services easier to understand and more affordable through our online community.

In February of 2011, development work began for the current version of the Legal Bistro website. Legal Bistro LLC is a private Delaware Limited Liability Company that is owned and operated by a small number of serial entrepreneurs. The Company is not venture backed and is not currently seeking any outside investor capital.