In order to post your case log in to your Legal Bistro account and click Add New Case on the left hand side menu.
There you will find four sections: “Location, Time Frame and Your Role”, “Short and Detailed Description”, “Case Types and Tags”, “Details and Preferences” and “Personal Information”:

  1. In the first section “Location, Time Frame and Your Role” you should indicate data about the place where the incident took place. It shouldn’t take you more than 2 minutes:

    • Specify the ZIP code where you need legal help. Lawyers are licensed to practice by state so it is very important that we know where you need legal assistance.

      Example: You live in the State of Connecticut but were involved in an automobile accident in the State of New York (perhaps near your home). In this example, you may need a lawyer licensed to practice in the State of New York.

    • The Location field should be used to further describe exactly where you need legal assistance whether or not you have provided a zip code.

      Example: Your vehicle accident occurred on the Hutchinson River Parkway between exits 49 and 50. You do not know the zip code for this location.

    • State also relates to the place where your legal issue happened.

    • The Radius is the distance in mileage around the location of where you need legal assistance. Legal Bistro uses this to determine how many lawyers within that radius match your location and specific case needs. We ask for this information because many clients wish to retain a lawyer who is located near their place of residence.

    • We use the Time Frame that you provide to notify lawyers how quickly you require legal representation.

    • Your lawyer will need to know whether you are the Plaintiff (i.e. you wish to initiate an action against another party) of the Defendant (i.e. you have been “named” in an action or sued by another party). If your legal need does not involve litigation, you will select “Neither” (i.e. you need a will drafted).

    Click the Next button to open the “Short and Detailed Description” section.

  2. In the second section “Short and Detailed Description” you should describe your legal issue:

    • First write a One Sentence Short Case Description or Title. Try to reflect in this short sentence the essence of your case.

      Example: While traveling east bound on the Long Island Expressway I was rear ended by a drunk driver and sustained serious injuries.

    • In Description field provide as much information regarding to your case as possible. The more information that you are able to provide during the Case Posting Process, the easier it will be for a lawyer to accurately assess your case. By providing complete information, you will also receive significantly more interest in your case from a larger number of lawyers. Avoid revealing your identity or releasing any of your contact information in the case description. Our service is totally anonymous for clients, so we do not provide any of your personal data until you choose the right lawyer for your case and let us reveal them your identity. If it is more comfortable for you to provide the required information in a bullet point format (rather than writing a long narrative), then please do so.

    Click the Next button to open the “Case Types and Tags” section. Case Tags are “Key Words” that are used to describe your case. Examples would be the following: rear-end collision; drunk driver; lead paint poisoning; Actos Harmful Drug; etc.

  3. Our system tries to help you and as you write about your case in the second section our system identifies “key words” or “tags” that you have provided and matches those words against case types in our system. You will find them in the third section “Case Types and Tags”. Spend less than 1 minute to indicate all the required information:

    • The words that you use to describe your case could indicate several possible case types for our system. We suggest you check if the Primary Case Type offered by our system really matches your case; if so-go on to the next step; if no-you may choose one from the drop-down list or try finding it using the search box. Once you determine your case type, we then match it against lawyers who specialize in that area of the law. We ask that you review the suggested case types and help us to identify the type of lawyer that you need to handle your case.

      Example: You have a divorce case but your case description may include words such as drug usage; arrested; etc. While you may be describing past behavior of your spouse, our system parses those key words which indicate that you may need a criminal lawyer.

    • If your case involves more than one area of practice, you may check off Additional Case Types.

    • We would also recommend you indicate Tags. Case Tags are key words that are used to further describe a legal area of practice. They may also be legal terms. If our system has offered you any of tags regarding to your case description, then check them and add some more of your own. Case Tags attract the lawyers’ attention, so do not ignore this field.

    Click the Next button to open the “Details and Preferences” section.

  4. The fourth section “Details and Preferences” is not a required one, but you can provide some additional details here in order to narrow your search and find the best lawyer for your case:

    • If you have been named in a lawsuit or charged with a crime (including traffic tickets), you will have been given documentation that will indicate the specific Court in which you will need representation. Please indicate that court here.

    • You can select the Federal Court from the drop-down list or search it in the search-box. It is important that you indicate whether you need state or federal representation.

    • If price is important for you check off the Price Sensitive box.

    • Select the Fee Structure (Hourly Rate Fee Arrangement/Hybrid Fee Arrangement/Contingent Fee Arrangement).

    • If you are looking for a lawyer who is specializing in the area of practice of your case, then click on the drop-down list in the Specialization field and choose Specialist. If you are simply looking for a lawyer and it is not of great importance for you that lawyer is a specialist, then choose Generalist.

    • You may specify the Law Firm Size there the lawyer is working. We have a wide range of law firms in our database, so you decide whether you want to work with a small law firm/sole practitioner or medium law firm or a big one.

    • If you are looking for a lawyer who speaks any other languages besides English it would be helpful to choose one in the Lawyer’s Language.

    • We have a lot of lawyers of both genders: male and female, and it may be that the Lawyer’s Gender is not much of a factor for you, but if it is choose whether you need a male or female lawyer.

    • If you consider that Lawyer’s Marital Status would somehow affect your case outcome, you are able to choose the status (Single/Married/Divorced/Separated/Widowed).

  5. Before posting your case, you can preview it by clicking on “Case Preview”. If everything is ok and you like how your case looks press on the Save Case button.

  6. The last section “Contact Information for Lawyers” helps you complete all the information that the lawyer will need in future at once. It would not take you more than 2 minutes to complete it.

    • Indicate your Full Name;

    • Provide us with the Phones by which the lawyer can find you. There are three variants here: mobile, home and work phones. If it is possible-provide all of them. If you have a Fax, indicate the fax number in US format;

    • It would be nice if you specified any of your Additional E-mails. It would be useful in case when the messages can’t be delivered to your main e-mail address;

    • For your convenience, we introduced a table where you can choose The Best Time To Contact You. Just put the ticks in the table fields;

    • After you choose the right lawyer for your case and agree to send him your information, our system will reveal the information to him. The system sends just your e-mail by default (Confidential level). We suggest you choosing the Contact Information Level that is most suitable for you: Confidential/Partially Confidential/Full Disclosure.


The information that you provide will enable what attorneys will first see to evaluate your case. If it is more comfortable for you to follow the outline below and to provide the information required in a bullet point format (rather than writing a long narrative), then please do so. You may also wish to use the Headers below in your outline.

The following are the three most important conclusions that an attorney will want to be able to reach regarding your case:

  1. Determine who was at fault in your accident and to what extent their negligence caused the accident;
  2. Evaluate the Full Extent of Your Injuries;
  3. Determine the Recovery Value for Your Case.

General Information
  1. Accident Date, Time and General Location;
  2. Accident Type:
    1. Collision Between 2 or More Vehicles;
    2. Collision With a Fixed Object (i.e. light pole, utility pole, animal, etc.);
    3. Struck a Pedestrian;
    4. Non Collision Accidents (over turned vehicle; jack knifed; fire or explosion; etc.);
    5. Collision With a Bicycle;
    6. Collision With a Train.
  3. Your Role in the Accident:
    1. Driver or Passenger of Vehicle;
    2. Owner of Vehicle;
    3. Pedestrian or Bicyclist.
  4. Witnesses to the Accident – Yes/No;
  5. Accident Photos – Yes/No;
  6. Police Called to Accident and whether you have a copy of the Police Report;
  7. Indicate whether there were any citations (i.e. tickets) issued by the police and to whom;
  8. Indicate whether you lost any time at work and if so, when you returned to work;
  9. Did the Accident occur while you were working (i.e. “work related”)?
Accident Cause & Location:
  1. Describe what you believe caused the accident to occur;
  2. Indicate the exact location and the direction that you were headed.
Accident Indicators & Vehicle Damage:
  1. Describe where your vehicle was struck (i.e. front, side , rear);
  2. Describe the damages to each vehicle involved in the accident;
  3. Estimate the dollar value of the damages (if you have a Damage Loss Estimate from Repair Shop or Your Insurance Company please indicate).
Injury Information:
  1. Indicate Whether You Received Immediate Treatment and provides date, time, location, name of hospital or other medical provider;
  2. Indicate all injured body parts (i.e. head, neck, back);
  3. Indicate any symptoms (i.e. nausea, whiplash, headaches, blurred vision);
  4. Describe all treatments received and indicate whether you are still treating;
  5. Indicate if you sustained any permanent or partial disabilities;
  6. Estimate the cost of the medical treatment that you have received to date.
Driver, Passenger, Vehicle & Insurance Information:
  1. Provide information (name, address, driver’s license number, etc.) about the driver of each vehicle involved in the accident and indicate whether each driver’s license was valid at the time of the accident;
  2. Provide information about the passengers of each vehicle;
  3. Provide registration information about each vehicle;
  4. Provide insurance information about each vehicle (including policy limits if known and whether the policy was in effect at the time of the accident).

NOTE: If the police were called to the scene of the accident and you have a copy of the Accident/Police Report, most of the information that will be required by your attorney to evaluate your case can be found in this document.

The example of case posting.




Multi Car Rear End Highway Accident Involving Serious Personal Injuries (What Your Attorney Will First See When Searching Legal Bistro for Cases)
  • Gender: Male
  • Language : Spanish
  • Price: Sensitive
  • General Practicioner


Lawyer search area:

  • Vehicle Accidents

(Information Displayed to Attorneys When They Expand Your Case)

On Friday, December 10, 2012 at approximately 10 P.M., I was heading eastbound on the Long Island Expressway. I was coming home from work and was driving in the left hand lane when my car was struck in the rear by another vehicle travelling at excessive speed. The accident occurred near Exit 39 (Roslyn Heights).

It was very cold outside and it had begun snowing. The rear impact caused my car to spin around and hit the guard rail. The car then flipped over and struck two other vehicles next to me in the middle lane.

Finally, my vehicle was also struck again by another vehicle that was not able to stop in the middle lane.

The Police and the Fire Department were both on the scene of the accident. The police were able to obtain statements from several witnesses to the accident. There were many photos taken at the scene. I have copies of these photos and a copy of the Police Report.

The name of the driver of the vehicle who struck my car in the rear and caused the accident is John Brown. Mr. Brown is 24 years of age. He was allegedly coming from a Christmas Party at which he had been drinking. He was arrested by the police at the scene of the accident and charged with drunk driving and reckless endangerment. I later learned that he was released on bail the next day and is now awaiting trial. I have not been able to return to work since the accident. I do not expect to return to work until sometime after I have an operation on my leg and knee.


As previously indicated, the accident was caused by a drunk and reckless driver striking the rear of my vehicle. I was travelling in the left lane and going approximately 60 miles per hour. Apparently the driver of the other vehicle may have realized at the last minute that he would strike the back of my car as my vehicle was struck on the right hand side in the rear. The location of impact caused my vehicle to go into a spin; hit the guard rail and overturn. My vehicle then entered the middle lane striking two other vehicles.

Finally, a car behind me in the center lane was unable to stop in time and also struck my overturned vehicle.

The impact by multiple vehicles resulted in the driver’s side of the car being completely crushed. I was trapped in the vehicle for nearly one hour while the Fire Department worked to cut me out.

According to the Police Report, the actual location of the accident was eastbound direction on I-495 (Long Island Expressway) approximately one quarter mile past Exit 39 (Roslyn Heights).


My 2011 Porsche 911 S Turbo convertible was struck in the rear right hand side of the bumper. The vehicle was damaged on both sides, front, rear and roof and was totaled by the Allstate Insurance Company Adjuster. The estimated value of the vehicle was approximately $85,000.

I have a copy of the Insurance Company’s Damage Estimate indicating that they have totaled the vehicle.

I know that several other vehicles in the accident sustained significant damage. The location where each vehicle was struck can be found on the Police Report which I will provide.


Although I was wearing my seat belt, I sustained serious injuries when the driver side of my vehicle was crushed. The air bags in my vehicle failed to deploy and I sustained serious injuries to my head, neck, back, legs and left side. The fire department had to use the Jaws of Life to extract me from the vehicle after being trapped inside for nearly one hour.

I was taken to Long Island Jewish hospital by ambulance where I remained hospitalized for 18 days. I sustained multiple complex fractures to my left leg; a concussion, three broken ribs and internal bleeding in my head. My vision has remained blurry since the accident. I now get migraine headaches on a regular basis and have serious pains in my lower back caused by three dislocated sacroiliac joints. I have been out of work since the accident and go for physical therapy treatments five days a week. The doctors have indicated that the injuries sustained to my left leg and knee will require an operation in the future.

The medical treatments that I have received since the accident have cost approximately $58,000. The operation that will be required for my leg is estimated to cost an additional $20,000. I will require physical therapy for at least the next 9 to 12 months and I may be permanently disabled from the injuries to my back.


I have copies of all of the drivers’ licenses, vehicle registration and insurance cards fro all of the parties and their vehicles that were involved in the accident. I was traveling alone in my vehicle, as was the car that struck me in the rear. Two of the other vehicles that were involved in the accident had passengers. Their information has been recorded in the Police Report. Fortunately none of these other parties sustained very serious injuries.

Case Tags:
  • Vehicle Damage
  • Multi Car Accident
  • struck in the rear
  • drunk driver

The information requested in this section will be used by attorneys to help determine the jurisdiction for your case.


  1. Birth Information

    1. Date of Birth

    2. Place of Birth

    3. Citizenship

  1. Address:

    1. City

    2. State

    3. Zip Code or Country

Your Spouse:
  1. Birth Information

    1. Date of Birth

    2. Place of Birth

    3. Citizenship

  1. Address:

    1. City

    2. State

    3. Zip Code or Country

  1. Do You Have Any Children From Your Marriage? Y/N

    If YES, provide for every child:

    1. Name

    2. Sex

      • Male

      • Female

    1. Date of Birth

    2. Place of Birth

    3. Citizenship

    4. Living With:

      • Me

      • My Spouse

      • Other

    1. Children from

      • Current Marriage/Relationship

      • Previous

    1. Providing or Receiving Child Support – Yes/No


The information requested in this section will be used by attorneys to help determine the jurisdiction and eligibility for the filing of your case.

  1. Date of Marriage – Month, Day, Year

  2. Location of Marriage – Country, City, State

  3. Is this a common law marriage? Yes/No

  4. Status of Marital Relationship:

    1. Married and Living Together

    2. Living Together but Not Married

    3. Separated but have not yet filed for divorce *

    4. Separated and divorce case has been filed *

    5. Spouse is in prison *

    6. Spouse whereabouts is unknown *

    7. Spouse is deceased *

    8. Other

  5. Date of * Event

  6. Have you attended any marriage counseling sessions? Y/N – If Yes,

    1. Length of time

      • 1 Session

      • 2-10 Sessions

      • 10-25 Sessions

      • 26+ Sessions

    2. Address or Location of Counseling

    3. Outcome

  7. Is there any possibility that you and your spouse may reconcile? Y/N

  8. Reason (“Grounds”) for Seeking Divorce:

    1. Cruel & Inhuman Treatment

    2. Adultery

    3. Drunkenness or Alcoholism

    4. Drug Addiction

    5. Mental Illness

    6. Withholding Sex or Carnal Abandonment

    7. Physical Incapacity

    8. Desertion

    9. Imprisonment

    10. Sexual Harassment

    11. Other

  9. Previous Marriage Information – If previous relationship or marriage is selected, provide additional details including the dates & locations of marriages and divorces.

  10. Child Support (If Yes for Children) – If providing child support has been selected, indicate:

    1. Reason for Payment:

      • Voluntary

      • Court Ordered

      • Written Agreement


The information requested in this section will be used by attorneys to help determine the amount of monthly and annual income (i.e. alimony/maintenance) that you should be entitled to receive from or pay to your spouse (including child support).


  1. Employment Status or Type

    1. Current Employment

    2. Previous Employer

    3. Never Worked During Marriage

    4. Self Employed – Describe

    5. Marital Business – Describe

    6. Other – Describe

  2. Hire Date

  3. Termination Date

  4. Employer City

  5. Employer State

  6. Employer Zip Code

  7. Occupation or Job Title

  8. Gross (Before Taxes) Salary Amount

  9. Other Annual Income (i.e. Bonuses, Alimony Previous Marriage, etc.)

  10. Gross Salary Frequency

    1. Weekly

    2. Bi-Weekly

    3. Monthly

    4. Annual

Your Spouse:

  1. Employment Status or Type

    1. Current Employment

    2. Previous Employer

    3. Never Worked During Marriage

    4. Self Employed – Describe

    5. Marital Business – Describe

    6. Other – Describe

  1. Hire Date

  2. Termination Date

  3. Employer City

  4. Employer State

  5. Employer Zip Code

  6. Occupation or Job Title

  7. Gross (Before Taxes) Salary Amount

  8. Other Annual Income (i.e. Bonuses, Alimony Previous Marriage, Tax Refund, etc.)

  9. Gross Salary Frequency

    1. Weekly

    2. Bi-Weekly

    3. Monthly

    4. Annual

FINANCIAL INFORMATION (Assets & Liabilities)

The information requested in this section will be used by attorneys to help determine the complexity of your case and the distribution of marital assets that you can expect to receive in the divorce.

PHYSICAL ASSETS (Please list all property accumulated during your marriage)

  1. Physical Asset Type:

    1. Real Estate

    2. Motor Vehicles (Cars, Motorcycles, boats, planes, etc.)

    3. Furniture

    4. Appliances

    5. Other – Describe

  2. Location or Description

  3. Estimated Market value

  4. Amount Owed

  5. Net Value

  6. Who Has Possession

    1. You

    2. Your Spouse

    3. Other – Describe

  7. Do You Want the Court to Award You This Property? Y/N

FINANCIAL ASSETS (Please list all financial assets accumulated during your marriage for BOTH You and Your Spouse)

  1. Financial Asset Type

    1. Checking Account

    2. Savings Account

    3. Stocks

    4. Bonds

    5. Mutual Funds

    6. Defined Contribution Plan (i.e. 401K)

    7. Defined Benefit Plan (i.e. Company sponsored retirement plan)

    8. Individual Retirement Account (“IRA”) or Keogh

    9. Profit Sharing Plan

    10. Life Insurance policy

    11. Medical Insurance

    12. Other – Describe

  2. Location or Description

  3. Financial Asset Value

FINANCIAL DEBTS/LIABILITIES (Please list all financial assets accumulated during your marriage for BOTH You and Your Spouse)

  1. Financial Debt Type

    1. Credit Card

    2. Student Loan

    3. Personal Loan

    4. Business Loan

    5. Medical Expenses

    6. Other Expenses – Describe

  2. Location or Description

  3. Amount of Debt


The information requested in this section will be used by attorneys to help determine the complexity and jurisdiction of your case.

  1. Have you or your spouse ever filed for a divorce to dissolve your present marriage?

    1. Me

    2. My Spouse

    3. Neither

    4. Both

    If yes (i.e. Me, My Spouse or Both), provide additional details:

    1. When

    2. Where

    3. Attorney Information Who Filed the divorce

      • Law Firm Name

      • Lawyer Name – First, Middle and Last name

      • Address

      • City

      • State

      • Zip Code

    4. Court

      • Name

      • Location (i.e. County)

    5. Status of Legal Action

      • Pending

      • Cancelled

      • Resolved

    6. Additional Comments

  1. Have you or your spouse ever filed for bankruptcy?

    1. Me

    2. My Spouse

    3. Neither

    4. Both

    If yes, (i.e. Me, My Spouse or Both) provide additional details:

    1. Date of bankruptcy filing

    2. Location

    3. Attorney information used in bankruptcy

    4. Additional comments

  1. Do you or your spouse have a police record?

    1. Me

    2. My Spouse

    3. Neither

    4. Both

    If yes (i.e. Me, My Spouse or Both), provide Additional Details:

    1. Description of the charges

    2. Date

    3. Location

    4. Outcome or result

  1. Are you or your spouse on parole, probation or under court supervision?

    1. Me

    2. My Spouse

    3. Neither

    4. Both

    If yes (i.e. Me, My Spouse or Both), provide additional details:

    1. Date & length of parole

    2. Name of parole or probation officer

    3. Additional Comments

  1. Will anyone allege that you or your spouse has done any of the following: (Check all that apply and provide for 2 columns – You and Spouse)

    1. Convicted of a Crime

    2. Been in prison

    3. Used illegal drugs

    4. Been hospitalized for using illegal drugs

    5. Abused prescription drugs

    6. Been hospitalized for abusing prescription drugs

    7. Abused alcohol

    8. Been hospitalized for abusing alcohol

    9. Been arrested for or convicted of driving while under the influence of alcohol (i.e. drunk driving)

    10. Have a mental illness

    11. Been hospitalized for an emotional or psychiatric disorder

    12. Been accused of child neglect

    13. Been accused of child abuse

The example of case posting.




Looking for a Divorce Lawyer in Sacramento ASAP (What Your Attorney Will First See When Searching Legal Bistro for Cases)
  • Gender: Male
  • Specialist


Lawyer search area:

  • Divorce

(Information Displayed to Attorneys When They Expand Your Case)

I am a man from Sacramento, California, U.S citizen. I was born in 1972 in Elk Grove. My wife lives with me, here in Sacramento. I met her in Santa Rosa when I was 28. She was 24 at that time. She came to U.S. together with her parents at the age of 3 from Northern Europe. She became U.S. citizen at the age of 10.

We got married after 3 years from our first meeting. We are married for 11 years. We have a son and a daughter. Our son is 9 and daughter is 5. They are both living with us. We do not have children from previous relationships and did not have any previous marriages.


My wife and I are still married and living together, but I want to file divorce papers because a year ago I began to suspect my wife in adultery. She was denying it and said that we need to attend some marriage counselling sessions. We made 7 visits to a counsellor here in Sacramento, but it didn’t help me at all. After the last visit, we came home and she confessed to me about having a man on the side. I consider that there is no way for reconciliation and I insist on the fact that my children should remain with me after the divorce.


I am an automotive engineer at Jones’ Motors. I began to work there at the age of 22 and I am still working there. This is a company in West Sacramento, not far from home. It takes me 30 minutes to get there by car. My annual income is 170 thousand dollars. I’m being paid once a month.

My spouse never worked during marriage. She was still a student when we got married and after graduation, she decided to stay at home to take care of our son.

FINANCIAL INFORMATION (Assets & Liabilities)

We are living in my own house. I got 2 cars and my wife got one-this was my present for her 3 years ago. Our house is a modern one, so we got many appliances there. I would like the court to award me all this property. I got a checking account in the Bank of Sacramento. This is my personal checking account. My wife and I have life insurance policies and each member of our family has got a medical insurance.

During our marriage, we did not take any loans. We don’t have any debts.

I have the copies of all the required documents related to my family finances.

Case Tags:
  • Annulment of Marriage
  • Divorce Debt Allocation
  • International Divorce
  • Post-divorce Issues